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Splash About

Splash About is the market leader in baby & toddler swimwear worldwide. Providing all the essentials needed for your baby’s swimming lessons.

The award-winning Happy Nappy Wetsuit from Splash About is a 1mm thick neoprene wetsuit. With full faecal leak protection in the form of an integrated reusable neoprene Happy Nappy. The waist and thigh ribs of the Happy Nappy are designed to fit snugly to form a seal that will hold in solids. The upper body coverage helps to keep the baby warm in the water for longer.

The fleece-lined Warm In One baby wetsuit is the warmest wetsuit in the range. Perfect for babies who feel the cold, the cosy fleece keeps them feeling snuggly, even when they are in the water. The long sleeves and legs provide full body coverage, which also helps to keep barrier creams in place.

UV Sun & Sea Wetsuits. This versatile wetsuit combines 1mm thick neoprene with nylon/elastane side panels and arms for comfort and flexibility. This suit offers sun protection as well as provides warmth for use at the pool or the beach. The stretchy fabric on the arms and panels allows for freedom of movement for children to play and swim and help to make dressing quick and easy.

Explore our range of Splash About baby and toddler swimwear range.

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