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swim 2 u mobile swim school Melbourne one on one swimming lessons
About Us

Swim 2 u

Mobile Swim School Melbourne

About us

Hello and welcome to Swim 2 u Mobile Swim School Melbourne. We offer private one on one swimming lessons in the comfort of your home.

Located in Melbourne, Swim 2 u offers a unique five-star service, teaching swimming and water safety in the privacy and convenience of your own pool. Children feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. This encourages a more confident and relaxed environment for learning, with faster progression.

As a mother of two, I understand the importance of swimming lessons and water safety. Water is a way of life in Australia; not only are we blessed with the natural beauty of our beaches, creeks and rivers, but we are also surrounded by backyard pools. Swimming lessons are a necessity, a life skill for all children. After training as an Austswim teacher of swimming and water safety in 2012, I launched Swim 2 u in January 2014 and haven’t looked back. Swim 2 u has helped so many wonderful children overcome their fears, put their eyes and face into the water, learn to swim, understand water safety but most all, enjoy the water.

Our qualified teachers bring the equipment to you and structure the lessons to suit your child’s needs and abilities.

It can’t get any easier!

We look forward to helping your child learn a skill for life.


swim 2 u mobile swim school Melbourne one on one swimming lessons

swim 2 u

Our mobile swim school offers private one on one swimming lessons in and around Melbourne. We are a Swim and Survive partner and have amazing Swim Australia swim teachers.

A Swim and Survive Partner is a preferred, quality deliverer of the Swim and Survive programme that works together with Royal Life Saving to deliver key water safety messages. 

Certificates are awarded throughout the swim terms when new levels are completed.

Why Swim 2 u?

Swim Australia Teachers

Swim and Survive Licensee

Loving Caring Swim Teachers

Fast Progression

Pick Your Time

Structured Lessons

One on One Private Swimming Lessons

swim 2 u mobile swim school melbourne one on one private swimming lessons
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30 Minute Lesson


Maximum 2 children.
Lessons are booked per term.
(Approx. 10 weeks)
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Share the time


Share the cost

with siblings or friends.

Swim 2 mobile swim school Melbourne private one on one swimming lessons

swim and survive programme

Swim and Survive is a national swimming and water safety initiative of Royal Life Saving. It teaches children essential life skills in swimming, water safety and personal survival.

Swim and Survive’s unique programme pathway progresses through each of the key life stages and is designed to keep children engaged. Actively learning and most importantly having fun.

National Benchmark For a 6-year-old child.


  • Identify rules for safe behaviour in and around home aquatic environments.
  • Fall in entry and recover.
  • Float on back for 30 seconds.
  • Tread water for 30 seconds.
  • Swim 10 metres freestyle with breathing.
  • Swim 5 metres backstroke.
  • Swim 5 metres survival backstroke kick.
  • Swim through a submerged obstacle.
  • Identify people and actions to help in an aquatic emergency.
  • Be rescued with a buoyant aid.
  • Perform a survival sequence to simulate an accidental entry.

National Benchmark For a 12-year-old child.


  • Understand and follow safety rules for aquatic environments.
  • Dive in entry.
  • Enter and exit the water in a range of environments wearing light clothing.
  • Float, scull or tread water for 2 minutes and signal for help.
  • Swim 75 metres freestyle.
  • Swim 75 metres backstroke.
  • Swim 50 metres survival backstroke.
  • Swim 50 metres breaststroke.
  • Surface dive, swim underwater for up to 3 metres and search to recover an object in deep water.
  • Respond to an emergency and perform a primary assessment.
  • Throw rescue 10 metres using a weighted and unweighted rope.
  • Perform a survival sequence wearing light clothing.

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Available Times

Monday 230pm – 7pm

Tuesday 9am – 7pm

Wednesday 9am – 7pm

Thursday 9am – 7pm

Friday 230pm – 7pm

Saturday: 7am-930am

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed/No lessons