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Fun & Learning

Swim 2 u puts the fun back into learning to swim and water safety. Never underestimate the learning abilities of babies and children in general, especially in an aquatic environment. By incorporating educational and sensory toys, games and songs, teaches life long skills in a fun and relaxed way.

We work in partnership with Life Saving Victoria teaching their Swim and Survive programme. This is a balanced programme of swimming, water safety and survival skills.

Listed below, are the various levels of the Swim and Survive programme.

available swimming programmes


Morning Lessons.

6 months – 12 months.

Water familiarisation and initial independence.

Parent and child lessons.

Swim and Survive ‘Little Wonder Levels’.

Maximum 8 infants per class


Morning Lessons.

12 – 24 months.

Lessons are adapted to age & ability.

Water familiarisation and initial independence.

Parent and child lessons.

Swim and Survive ‘Little Wonder Levels’.


Morning lessons.

36-42 Months.

Lessons are adapted to age & ability.

Water familiarisation and basic skill development.

Teacher and children

Swim & Survive ‘Little Wonders Levels – Level 1 – Upwards’¬†


Swim & Survive Level 1 – Upwards

Learn to swim classes run in the afternoons.

All strokes covered.


Intensive Swim Course.

Operate every school holiday.

 5  Daily lessons (Monday РFriday) for rapid progression.

All levels including water safety.

30/40/60-minute lessons on consecutive days.


Let us come to you and take the stress out of birthday parties!

Fun Games
Learn water safety, fun rescues, swim in a life jacket, fun races…
Organisation and safety
Maximum 10 children
ADULT swim lessons

Whether you have always wanted to learn to swim or if you require stroke correction & fitness drills, we can help.

All levels up to Bronze Star.


Enjoy aqua fitness classes in your home pool.

Round up your friends and get ready to work!


Water Smart is a water safety award suitable for primary school children in years 4,5 & 6. It was created by Royal Life Saving Society to be taught in classrooms.

Lesson Options

*All swimming lessons are booked per school term (usually 10 weeks), this builds a routine and progression begins.*

Terms & Conditions

1) Please ensure you are ready 10 minutes prior to your booked appointment, to ensure lessons start on time. Waiting time will equal less swimming time.

2) Children must wear suitable swimwear or a swim nappy. Sunblock must be applied when outdoors.
3) All siblings/family members MUST be supervised by an adult at ALL times. 
5) It is your responsibility to have your home pool heated to a suitable temperature. If on arrival, the pool temperature is too cold and the lesson is cut short or unable to go ahead, NO CATCH-UP LESSON or refund will be offered.
6) The water condition of your home pool is your control. If, on arrival, the pool is not balanced correctly, is green, murky or unsuitable in any way to swim in and the lesson is cut short or unable to go ahead, NO CATCH-UP LESSON or refund will be offered.
7) For outdoor pools over the summer months, swimming lessons will still operate in wet or overcast weather. Lessons will be rescheduled to an alternate date or future lessons extended in the event of storms or heavy rain. Rescheduled lessons and/or extended lessons are subject to teachers availability.
8) If you reside in an apartment, please ensure emergency evacuation procedures are discussed with your teacher, as per your body cooperate guidelines.
9) If your property is located in the CBD and does not offer car parking (visitor parking), Swim 2 u will NOT be able to attend.
10) Any “on-street” parking fees will be charged back to clients.
11) Private lessons CAN NOT be conducted in public pools.
Please understand that Melbourne roads can be busy and whilst all attempts will be made to arrive on time, please allow for traffic. 

Payment & Cancellations

1) Swim 2 u works in with the school terms, lessons are booked per term (usually 10 weeks) and break for school holidays.
2) Intensive swim courses operate during school holidays, which consist of daily lessons.
3) Term swimming and Intensive swim courses can be booked online via our booking page (immediate payment is required), bookings can also be made via email where an online booking form will be used.
4) A confirmation invoice will be emailed as soon as an online booking form has been completed.
5) Invoices must be paid immediately in full to secure your booking.
6) Days and times can NOT¬†be held, full payment secures your child’s booking. Dates and times will be offered to other clients if the invoice is not paid within 24 hours of it being sent.
7) Please provide as much notice as possible should you need to cancel a lesson. 
8) Lessons that are cancelled by the client are forfeited, no catch-up lesson will be offered.
9) Refunds are NOT offered.
10) All bookings are a first come first served basis.
Swim 2 u reserves the right to cancel lessons.

Why Swim 2 u?

Fast progression.

Children feel more comfortable in the home environment which creates faster progression. They love having swimming lessons in their own pool, and often practice outside of lessons.

In control of your own water quality

Parents love utilising the home pool and knowing what is in the water!

Amazing value for money!

Lesson prices work out amazing value, whether it’s a one on one lesson or sharing.¬†


A worrying concern nowadays is whether other children in the lesson have been immunised. Swim schools cannot give out this information due to privacy laws.

Great for large families.

Swim lessons can be shared between family members, even friends. An hour lesson can be divided between 3 children giving them all 20 minutes one on one quality time.

Pick a time that suits.

We are all so busy, enjoy the freedom of picking a time that fits in with your schedule.

Structured lessons.

Lesson are conducted by our fully qualified¬†Austswim teachers, teaching the Royal Life Savings Swim and Survive programme. We will structure all lessons to suit each child’s¬†ability.¬†

Ideal for children who may be shy.

We understand that some children are shy and therefore may not like noisy group swimming lessons in a public environment.  

Privacy and convenience.

It’s always a great feeling not having to leave your property and fight the traffic.¬†

“My little boy of 3.5 years has been having swimming lessons with Faye Faye since early 2017.

We share the 40 minute lesson with our neighbour, a boy of 5 years and use the pool at our apartment complex. Both boys have done so well across the past twelve months.

My son had very little swimming/water experience before we began and was terrified at our first lesson but has made significant progress, all thanks to Faye Faye. Both boys began at different levels of experience, confidence and ability, but Faye Faye has supported the development of each successfully in the one lesson.

Faye Faye is considerate of the boy’s ability and confidence, makes the lessons really fun for them (and for the parents), but also really importantly, makes the boys very aware of water safety.

Faye Faye comes to our apartment building is very helpful and convenient.”

“I highly recommend Swim 2 U.”



“I highly, highly recommend Swim 2 U.

I have 3 children aged 4, 7 and 9 and none of us were enjoying attending swimming lessons at the local pool. The children’s swimming progress had plateaued and they were disengaged during lessons. Faye started coming to our home for lessons in January this year and we haven’t looked back.

The children are all progressing steadily in their skills and are motivated to learn new things and practice between lessons. But most importantly, they are all loving swimming lessons again.

Faye has a wonderful teaching style and relates beautifully to my three children. They absolutely love their time in the pool with Faye.

From a parent’s perspective, being able to have the children learn in the backyard pool is incredibly easy and enjoyable. Faye also takes the time to explain to us what she is working on with each child and what we can practice between lessons to help consolidate the learning.”

“I would absolutely recommend Faye and Swim 2 U.”


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